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Small Pleasures

’Tis the season for celebration. And, elegantly served, nothing’s more festive than fish roe. Here’s where to catch it.

The stunning presentation of caviar at Tru

1. The Blanchard
This contemporary French newcomer offers a host of decadent pleasures—foie gras in all the fun ways—and has just introduced a classic caviar service. That’s Russian osetra, sold by the gram (market price) with housemade blinis.

2. Everest
You’ve reached this special-occasion destination on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Why not go a bit further, supplementing your tasting menu with the shirred egg, osetra and marc cream course ($45)?

3. Russian Tea Time
Among the regional delights in this grand institution is the sturgeon paddlefish caviar service (1 oz. for $85) surrounded by blintzes, chopped red onion, boiled eggs, sour cream and drawn butter.

4. Spiaggia
One of the courses on the recently debuted tasting menu is named Caviar Baccalà Oyster Potato—black roe atop a Kumamoto atop a chip atop whipped fish (from $95). Glorious.

5. Tru
This elegant contemporary space has long been known for its caviar program. Today, the offerings range from the familiar wasabi tobiko (25 g for $30) up to the golden imperial osetra (25 g for $375)—all dazzlingly presented on a coral serving piece.