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State of Grace

Chicago’s hottest beauty, fitness and wellness trends that you need to know about now!

River North’s Float Sixty combines the soothing elements of water with meditative practices.


One to Try: Floating Therapy
Float your worries—and pains—away at Float Sixty (from $90 per session, 303 W. Erie St., 844.356.2860), a recently opened float center in River North that offers Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. How it works: Floaters typically lie in pitch-black tanks (pods and rooms are also available) of supersaturated salt water that allows the body to float effortlessly. The water is heated to skin temperature, dissolving the perception of where the body ends and water begins. “Floating is the ultimate form of relaxation,” says owner Gloria Irwin. “It is a way for us to detox from all the external stimuli that comes into our life at every second of the day.”

Sound Therapy: Gong Bathing
Looking to take your yoga or meditation practice to the next level? Consider gong bathing (starting at $20), a form of vibrational healing for the body, mind and soul (no, there’s no water involved). During these rituals, Tibetan instruments are played at a specific frequency to create a “sacred sound” that puts your brain into a complete state of relaxation while also helping to remove physical toxins through the body. “It’s a dynamic, meditative concert known to induce emotional balance, intercellular healing, spiritual awareness and awakening,” explains Richard Rudis, a sacred sound Buddhist healer, who trademarked the term “gong bath.” While gong rituals are still gaining popularity, Sat Nam Yoga in the West Loop hosts gong events fairly regularly (including an upcoming one May 21), and Rudis frequently travels to Chicago (he’ll be here next in September). Sat Nam Yoga, 1304 W. Washington Blvd., 312.818.5791

Work It Out: Mind Over Matter
Deciding between taking a meditative yoga class or a sweat-inducing aerobics one has never been easy. But now, with HeadStrong from Equinox (memberships $130 to $175 per month), you don’t have to. Launched in April, the 60-minute class combines mindfulness, brainpower concepts and a butt-kicking workout. Created by Chicago-based Tier 4 trainer Kai Karlstrom and Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Michael Gervais, the innovative class is divided into four parts, each paired with different-colored lighting that provides sensory stimulation. For Focus, the first 15-minute interval, the body is primed for exercise with movement and an emphasis on breathing and stretching. Things speed up with Adapt, in which classgoers perform exercises in irregular sequences. During Willpower, there’s high-intensity training but no time length given from the instructor, hence the name. To end, Reboot includes guided breath work, sensory awareness and relaxed mental focus. Mind games never felt—and looked—so good.

IV League: Hydration Treatments
Whether you are hungover from a night of imbibing or fighting a seasonal cold, companies offering intravenous hydration therapy promise to get you back on your feet again. Drs. Jack Dybis and Scott Yilk behind IVme offer treatments (starting at $20) catering to weight loss and fat burning, jet lag, vitality and fatigue at their Old Town facility. An experienced registered nurse from The I.V. Doc will travel to your home, office or hotel room to administer I.V. Doc’s range of services (starting at $150) such as migraine relief and recently launched antioxidant therapy. Thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow sharing with her Instagram followers how she beats the flu, the vitamin and electrolyte-infused Beautify treatment has become a favorite.

Try the HeadStrong class at Equinox to optimize your brain health.


Meet the Expert: Dr. Julius Few
For those not ready for a full face-lift but who seek something beyond botox and fillers, Dr. Julius Few (Few Institute, 875 N. Michigan Ave., 312.202.0882) has the answer: a Silhouette Instalift (from $3,000). The only Midwest doctor performing the noninvasive treatment that uses biodegradable thread and absorbable cones to restore volume and reduce wrinkles in just 30 minutes, Few is excited about the treatment’s instantaneous results—and so are his patients. “It’s one of the few procedures I’ve done that every person has been happy with the results,” he says.

Bodies of Work: BTL Vanquish ME
The latest in noninvasive fat reduction and body contouring, the BTL Vanquish ME makes it easier than ever to prep for swimsuit season. Using a high level of radio-frequency energy, the treatment melts those pesky pockets of fat around your stomach and flanks (like belly pooch or love handles), and the excess fat is then naturally expelled by the body. Unlike other devices, which only work on small localized spots, the large noncontact panels make the treatment ideal for larger areas. Plan on four to six weekly 45-minute sessions for best results—all painless and with no downtime required. (And as long as you maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, these slimming results are permanent.) For those who want to improve their lower half, keep an eye out for BTL Cellutone, available in Chicago later this summer; the new treatment uses sound energy to break up fat and minimize the look of unsightly dimpling on your derriere. Starting at $750 per treatment, Dr. Nael Gharbi at Old Town Med Spa, 1341 N. Sedgwick St., 312.643.1689

Face Value: Eyebrow Restoration
There’s no limit to the lengths women will go for the perfect brow. Give Dr. Arthur Katona (120 Oak Brook Center, Ste. 208, Oak Brook, 630.823.4002) a few hours, and he’ll create more dense and youthful eyebrows with his RESTORE F.U.E. hair restoration method (from $5,000). The minimally invasive procedure harvests hair follicles from the back of the head, which Katona then expertly implants into the balding areas of the brow without stitches, scalpels or scars. Final results can be seen in four to six months.

Trend Alert: Chin Up!
Chicago’s own The Geldner Center (680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Ste. 1325, 312.981.4440) was among one of the first practices in Illinois to offer the FDA-approved injectable Kybella ($2,500 to $5,000) to assist with the removal of submental fat that causes a double chin. In fact, Dr. Geldner himself was chosen as a key investigator prior to FDA approval. Kybella, a cytolytic drug, works by physically destroying fat cells when injected into fat tissue. The noninvasive, quick (roughly 15 to 30 minutes) treatment doesn’t require surgery, and patients experience little or no downtime. It generally takes an average of two to four treatments to receive optimal results, but larger fat deposits may require additional sessions.


Hot Spot: Timeless Spa and Salt Cave
This isn’t your standard salt-shaker filler. The salt cave at the Timeless wellness spa (from $25, 1324 E. Ogden Ave., Ste. 100, Naperville, 630.428.0700) contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial Himalayan salt, loaded with 84 essential minerals. Breathing in and absorbing these minerals can help improve ailments ranging from psoriasis to asthma.

Healing Powers: Energy-Healing Treatments
Wicker Park’s Ruby Room (1743-45 W. Division St., 773.235.2323) sets itself apart from traditional spas by offering an array of energy-healing services (from $20). “Our intuitive healers have a heightened and highly developed sixth sense, which allows them to see and feel another person’s energy,” says owner Kate Leydon. Even spa services at the spacious 13,000-square-foot space, like the new Crystalssage ($150 for 90 minutes), color outside of predictable therapeutic lines. This custom full-body massage and energy-healing treatment incorporates pure essential oils and warm Himalayan salt crystals to help circulate blood, reduce inflammation, release energetic stagnation and kickstart a tired chakra system into balance.

Cool Blast: Cryotherapy
Despite our infamous winters, Chicagoans are having no problem embracing this chilly treatment trend. How it works: Hop into a cryo chamber, where your skin surface temperature drops to 41 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes. “This quick freeze reduces inflammation, making it beneficial for conditions like arthritis and eczema, and helps heal damaged muscles and joints,” explains Jim Karas, owner of Chicago CryoSpa ($549 for monthly unlimited, 2640 N. Lincoln Ave., 773.360.0940). It’s no wonder players from the Bears, Cubs and Bulls have all taken advantage of the reparative effects—though chilling out also has beauty benefits. A CryoFacial delivers targeted cryotherapy to reduce puffiness, tighten pores and leave skin glowing, in less than 10 minutes.

Pleased to Treat You: The Chicago Diamond Experience Facial
While there’s no doubt that this treatment is luxurious, it definitely shouldn’t be categorized as just an average fluff and buff facial. This results-driven service at The Spa at Trump ($375 for 90 minutes, 401 N. Wabash Ave., 312.588.8020) is designed to recharge dull skin from environmental stress and DNA damage while improving the definition of facial contour and dramatically restoring elasticity, tone and skin texture. A triple-exfoliating system (mechanical, enzymatic and chemical) formulated with five alpha-hydroxy acids produces visible results—think glowing and youthful skin—in just one treatment. The shiatsu facial massage and Quartz Gem Therapy incorporated into the facial are exclusive to The Spa at Trump. Three quartz gems serve as conductors to balance the body’s energy and promote self-healing.