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Top 5: Big Drinkers

Large-scale celebrations, we assert, require large-scale provisions. We thus recommend large-format bottles of wine, from magnums to methusalehs. Find them at these five big-time establishments.

Maple & Ash frees revelers from the tyranny of normal bottle sizes.

1. Chicago Cut
”When you think about the dinners you remember in life,” says Managing Partner David Flom, “there was often a 3-liter bottle on the table.” So: Make some memories here with a magnum of hard-to-find 2009 Harlan Estate ($3,000).

2. Maple & Ash
“This place is just... celebratory,” says Belinda Chang, director of wine and spirits, to explain the great number of big bottles she sells. Toast any and all good fortune with a Melchior (18 liters!) of the Rudd Estate 2011 cabernet sauvignon ($7,500).

3. Sepia
There is no wrong move on Arthur Hon’s masterful list at this elegant Michelin-starred destination. At $280 in magnum, the 2007 Puligny-Montrachet Les Pucelles from Domaine Henri Boillot makes for an excellent start to an evening.

4. Sixteen
Most diners at this exquisite spot smartly choose the paired tasting, says stellar somm Parag Lalit—but he’d be glad to help you with a magnum of 2012 Yvon Metras Fleurie ($265).

5. Vivere
This downtown destination features a 35,000-bottle collection—including a methusaleh (6 liters) of the 2001 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia ($3,500).