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The Healthy Cool Factor

By Thomas Herd


Before social media, most natural food brands exhibited a somewhat uninspiring, underwhelming image.
Photo credit: My Karuna
Photo credit: My Karuna
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Tucked away on the wooden shelves of small health food stores frequented by pedantic intellectuals and bohemian nature lovers, most organic health food brands remained obscure and never captured the mainstream imagination, despite their often superior nutritional value.

Photo credit: My Karuna
Photo credit: My Karuna
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How times have changed, however. In our social media obsessed era, the paradigm has completely turned on its head. Now the latest and most innovative developments in the natural food market are often embraced as the next ‘it” trend on Instagram by the cool crowd and actively shape the fabric of contemporary culture as a result.

Photo credit: My Karuna
Photo credit: My Karuna
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Take My Karuna, for instance, a superfood whole plant beverage that distinguishes itself through its Food Is Better Medicine approach. Packed with prebiotic fibers, My Karuna’s holistic line of smoothies and detox formulas is geared to catalyze digestion and enhance the body’s vital processes. Further, the brand promulgates the mindful approach of being informed of what its active ingredients do once inside your body and understanding how proper nutrition can prevent disease, aging, and obesity.