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Shop in Style!
Elise Hofer | February 21, 2011

Brand-spankin’-new to the Loop, South Loop and Lincoln Park locations of Halo [For Men], the Sebastien Grey Clothiers’ three in-salon shops offer up bespoke English tailoring in the form of custom shirts, slacks, vests, three-piece suits,...

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Body Talk
Korey Huyler | February 16, 2011

If you’ve been watching The Today Show lately, it’s hard to miss the fact that Al and Meredith seem to be shrinking right before our eyes. The person responsible for their new bods? Chicagoan Melissa Li, 34, the owner of PhysioLife Studios in...

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Raising the Steaks
By Michael Nagrant | February 8, 2011

We don’t want nobody that nobody sent.

That’s allegedly what a cigar-chomping Chicago political boss told future congressman Abner Mikva when he tried to get his start in local politics by volunteering, unbidden, for Adlai...

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Oh Wellness!
By Elise Hofer | February 7, 2011

Don’t you dare call it a spa. Valeo, the new personal care and fitness facility at the JW Marriott Chicago on Adams, has earned the title of “wellness center.” And after one visit, it’s easy to see why: Instead of your standard (and...

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Hollywood and Divine!
By David Hochman | February 6, 2011

Five minutes into lunch and Hilary Swank already has tears in her eyes. She’s talking about Betty Anne Waters, the single mom turned lawyer whose life story inspired Swank’s new movie, Conviction—and who clearly made an...

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On Your Mark!
By David Hochman | February 6, 2011

“Mark’s usually right on time, so he should be here any minute,” the server at the Polo Lounge says with a song in her voice. She’s grinning as she clears the extra place settings from the back corner table that is, or so it seems,...

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Blue Crush
By Bridget Freer | February 6, 2011

It’s after 9pm on a Friday. Michelle Williams has just finished work and is pottering about the house, cracking open a bottle of wine and putting out a cheese plate. Dressed in ballet pumps, jeans and a soft, stripy sweater, she looks beautiful in an...

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Fire Bird!
By Sam Wasson | February 6, 2011

Mila Kunis sits down in the back booth of an L.A. diner and starts talking. “I have to buy an iPad for my friend’s birthday,” she says. “But I hate the mall. The mall frightens me.” It’s a slow, soggy day in the San Fernando...

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The City’s Best New Workouts!
| February 5, 2011

Just in time for our annual health and beauty issue, which is on stands now, a plethora of new workouts have hit the scene in Chicago. No longer is a treadmill the workout du jour for the city’s most in-shape citizens. From spin with...

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The Sultan of Spaghetti
By Michael Nagrant | February 5, 2011

It used to be if you wanted to watch the Chicago Bears beat up on the Green Bay Packers while chowing down on really great pasta you needed an Italian grandmother with a big screen TV. No longer. The Florentine, a shiny new Italian...

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Molly Sims, Inc.
By Elina Fuhrman | February 5, 2011

“Let’s start with jewelry!” exclaims Molly Sims when she calls from her West Hollywood home. Sims sounds like a teenager: bubbly, giggly and animated. In the past year or so, she’s been busy turning herself into a one-woman...

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