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Singing a New Tune
Lisa Shames | November 11, 2011

From his appearances on the Food Network's Heat Seekers and Chopped to his kitchen duties at his New York restaurants Centrico and Tacombi, Aarón Sanchez is one busy guy—and the adventure-seeking chef wouldn't have it any...

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Baby Talk
Korey Huyler | November 4, 2011

Baby books, which used to be a must-have for every new mom, have lost their favor in the past decade. Maybe it's because parents are busy trying to juggle careers and kiddos, or maybe it's just because baby books are usually ugly, old-fashioned-looking scrapbooks...

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Get Juiced!
Lisa Shames | October 28, 2011

When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, make lemonade. Or, in the case of Chicagoan Dean Kasal, when the medication for his ulcerative colitis started causing liver damage, he made juices. More specifically, it was life and wellness coach Nicole...

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Four-Wheeled Fantasy
Nate Chapnick | October 26, 2011

Whether traversing a rocky mountain path, tall sand dunes or a flooded mall parking lot, there’s little stopping a Range Rover from reaching its intended destination—and the brand’s latest launch, the Evoque, proves it. No...

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A Bloody Good Story
Korey Huyler | October 26, 2011

Imagine a Chicago where vampires live in mansions throughout the city and happen to be on good terms with the mayor and the city’s elite. Oh, and throw in an ombudsman’s office made up of humans, shape-shifters and sorcerers who work...

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Northward Bound
Lisa Shames | October 26, 2011

Perhaps the best way to describe Northdown Cafe and Taproom is by telling you what you won’t find at this Lakeview tavern. To wit: no fancy-schmancy cocktails, chic décor, über-trendy food or flat-screens (OK, there is one hanging high above the...

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What a Character
Korey Huyler | October 26, 2011

True Lincoln Parkers know what I mean when I say that actor Tim Griffin grew up in the Seminary. No, no, he didn’t grow up with a bunch of priests—his father is an acclaimed local pediatric cardiologist—he grew up in the area now on...

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You’ve Been Served
Michael Nagrant | October 26, 2011

So much depends on a server. But it wasn’t always that way. Except for high-end restaurants, I was so resigned to receiving mediocre service in Chicago that I’d sort of stopped using it as any kind of bellwether in a review. If the...

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Head of Estate
Beth Weitzman | October 26, 2011

It’s not hard to summon passion for Italy, a world-class destination steeped in art and history, brimming with delectable cuisine, savory wine and friendly people. If anything, it’s a little too easy. Naturally, the multimillion-dollar revamp...

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Cosmic Girl
Andrew Myers | October 26, 2011

Kirsten Dunst was born geriatric. Not in terms of wrinkles or wattles, nor any kind of weariness or woebegone Weltschmerz. To the contrary: Physically the 29-year-old Manhattan-based actress is the incarnation of dewy freshness, Botticelli-like, fair of hair...

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Take a Dip!
Suzanne Singer | October 24, 2011

French perfume and candle line Diptyque toasts 50 years with its 34 Boulevard Saint Germain collection, named for the Paris boutique where the scents were created.

Les Invités du 34—a clean, sophisticated fragrance—arrives at Nordstrom...

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Name Game
Suzanne Singer | October 17, 2011

Through Nov. 4, lucky Lester Lampert clients are invited to name the newest addition to the CumuLLus collection. But this isn't just any tennis bracelet. The design layers beautiful stones to create an innovative and original pattern, and is offered in colored...

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