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Best Makeup Artists

By The Editors


If you don't trust your ability to draw a cat eye, turn to these makeup pros for beautiful results.
The Best Makeup Artists in Dallas
Fresh makeup by Mayra Rams-Sanabria
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Lauren LaBarba
Body 1: 
List Item 2 Title: 
Al Tidwell
List Item 3 Title: 
Edin Moeses
List Item 4 Title: 
Gabby Rosenberg
List Item 5 Title: 
Mayra Rams-Sanabria
List Item 6 Title: 
LB Rosser
List Item 7 Title: 
Shane Monden
List Item 8 Title: 
Briana Dai Vance
List Item 9 Title: 
Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge
Body 9: 
List Item 10 Title: 
Joanna Hathcock
Body 10: