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Best In-Store Stylists and Personal Shoppers

By The Editors


If you're in need of a little style guidance, these pros can offer fashion-forward advice.
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Leigh Anne Sinacola
Body 1: 
List Item 2 Title: 
Marina Gray at Stanley Korshak
Body 2: 
List Item 3 Title: 
Nini Nguyen
Body 3: 
List Item 4 Title: 
Delisa Kelly
Body 4: 
List Item 5 Title: 
Alli Dunn at Forty Five Ten
Body 5: 
List Item 6 Title: 
Gabi Sztamenits at V.O.D. Boutique
Body 6: 
List Item 7 Title: 
Molly Claire Bruder at Canary
List Item 8 Title: 
Stevie Moore at Elements
List Item 9 Title: 
Stephanie Quadri
List Item 10 Title: 
Diana Bankhead at Neiman Marcus NorthPark
Body 10: