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5 Best Frozen Treats

Cool off from the summer heat with any of these tempting icy sips and eats.

5 Best Frozen Treats to Beat the Summer Heat in Dallas

White chocolate raspberry popsicles from Berry Naked Pops

1. Berry Naked Pops
Not just the home of popsicles made of organic fruit, Berry Naked also makes some of the most divine purees for littles. From $3, 5560 W. Lovers Lane, 214.242.0077

2. Cow Tipping Creamery
The gourmet soft-serve options are limitless, but get The Ritz, with brown sugar, hot fudge and Ritz cracker crunch. $5, 1146 Peavy Road

3. OSK
For 21 and up it doesn’t get better than the frozen bourbon and cherry cola served Slurpee style at this phenom burger joint. $6, 331 Singleton Blvd., 214.741.2226

4. Steel City Pops
Everything is gluten-free and vegetarian, and we’re partial to the creamy avocado pops. $3, 2012 Greenville Ave., 972.525.7359

5. The Rustic
Try a Social Ice wine popsicle that comes in tasty flavors such as mimosa orange, margarita, sangria and strawberry daiquiri. $6, 3656 Howell St., 214.730.0596