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5 Fitness Studios to Try Now

Gyms are so 2015. Get specific with your workout at our favorite boutique fitness studios.


City Surf’s new class, The Ripcore, takes inspiration from surfers for a full-body workout.

1. City Surf
This fitness studio’s new class, The Ripcore, focuses on burning fat, strengthening the core and purposeful breathing through the diaphragm. $25, 2805 Allen St., Ste. 113; 108 S. Crowdus St., 214.597.3397

2. Classic Pilates
With clients such as the Dallas Mavericks, the new Classic Pilates studio location takes core strengthening very seriously. Try the Vbarre class, a combination of Pilates, ballet and strength resistance. $18, 2426 Victory Park Lane, 214.880.0900

3. Crowbar Cardio
Known for their high-intensity, low-impact workout classes, Crowbar Cardio provides clients with indoor cycling, rowing, circuit and barre classes that are challenging, effective and fun. $25, 5726 Belmont Ave., 214.887.1200

4. Lync Cycling
With their signature Cycle45 ride, Lync guarantees their clients will be changed inside and out after an empowering full-body workout thanks to their moody candlelit room, energizing music and motivational instructors. $22, 6814 Snider Plaza, 214.361.1171 

5. Speedflex
As the only U.S. location, Speedflex allows everyone, no matter their fitness level, to burn more calories with little muscle soreness through a combination of high-intensity cardio and resistance training. $35 per session, 6015 Berkshire Lane, 972.807.2973