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Oh, Baby!

Dallas designer Jenny Walker makes you rethink how to decorated a nursery.

Jenny Walker with pieces from her new line of baby furniture, including a crib that converts to a desk ($8,500) 

Pink or blue? That was a question Jenny Walker didn’t even want to consider when she was planning a nursery back in 2014. “Carving out a room, it’s pink or blue—that’s what everyone goes toward,” Walker says. “Mine was, ‘What looks nice in this particular room?’” So she set about on a quest to find furnishings that would be safe for an infant but could also be repurposed once her baby outgrew them. “I started down the path to have something made, and I realized that nobody wanted to touch this kind of project because it’s for infants and there’s so much liability behind it,” Walker says. She ended up buying pieces that were already on the market, but the idea for a new business had been born. In June, that idea became a reality with the launch of her collection of luxurious, gender-neutral baby furniture. Using Italian leather, smooth walnut and stainless steel, Walker has created pieces that can be used long after the child is no longer an infant. The crib, which features leather-wrapped spindles, converts to a writing desk, and the bassinet and changing pad can be used to hold toys. “Everyone kept telling me, ‘Don’t buy really expensive things because you’re only going to use it for six months,’” Walker says. “I was like, that’s not a reason to molest my house with Fisher-Price! You can buy nice things for kids.”