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Confucius Says Go
Sarah Crosland | January 23, 2012

Last year may have been The Year of the Tiger Mom, but this month’s Chinese New Year ushers in The Year of the Dragon. Whether you’re in the mood for checking out Chinatown during the annual parade or devouring duck prepared by...

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The Temptations
Sarah Crosland | January 16, 2012

You’ve put in your time on the treadmill and declined that second glass of wine—now you deserve a reward for being on your best behavior in the new year. No matter who you are and what you are looking for, 2012 has brought you a hot...

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Doctor's Orders
Staff Writer | January 10, 2012

Power Plants
Chevy Chase-based gastroenterologist and Dr. Oz regular Dr. Robynne Chutkan is attempting to bring sex appeal to fiber. This month, the women-centric doctor launches Gutbliss (...

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Power Tools
Staff Writer | December 30, 2011

The Skinny
Organic micro-spa Pureskin (4609 Willow Lane, Chevy Chase, offers the Slimdome Far Infrared Sauna, which provides the...

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All American
Nate Chapnick | December 27, 2011

Although an undeniable player in the American luxury car market, Lincoln had fallen off pace with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus when it came to exciting drivers looking to spend upward of $50,000 on four wheels with equal parts kick and style. For the...

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Politically Correct
George W. Stone | December 27, 2011

Thomas Jefferson and Don Draper walk into a bar... No, it’s not the setup for a saucy punch line about Swizzle Sticks. It’s the historic-gets-hip vibe of The Federalist, a modern-day public house that seems...

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States of Grace
Karen Sommer Shalett | December 27, 2011

You can’t blame a person for imagining Annie Leibovitz as an exacting aesthete. Or even a scrappy hustler. And likely, she’s both. But all preconceptions went out the Hay-Adams window when I recently sat down with this...

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Fathers of Invention
Sarah Wildman | December 27, 2011

The drumbeat of Washington seems to be perpetually timed to the upcoming election cycle, no matter what the year. However, a few boldface names have prompted the city’s citizenry to start mining its roots. In his run up to the...

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The High Note
Dale Coachman | December 27, 2011

In the Moran household of three peripatetic sons, there were lots of tennis rackets, basketballs and golf clubs lurking around the Houston home. Beyond sports, the boys went to piano lessons, too, though the middle son, Jason, reluctantly thrived...

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If These Wolves Could Talk
Lyssa Myska Allen | December 27, 2011

Jacob may have lost the battle for Bella’s heart, but the Twilight character’s Quileute werewolf pack has brought attention to the Washington state Native American tribe. On Jan. 13—between...

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Time to Toast
Sarah Crosland | December 23, 2011

You’ve got your chic cocktail attire, a kissable plus one and even a kitschy party hat or two. Now it’s time to choose where you’ll be watching the ball drop—and ringing in 2012 in style. Luckily, tickets are still available...

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Depth Chargers
Laurie Kahle | December 23, 2011

Most dive watches never actually touch neoprene, but that didn’t stop Omega from outfitting its newly revamped Seamaster Planet Ocean line with unidirectional rotating bezels, helium escape valves, luminous hands and water resistance down to...

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