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L.A.-based starlet Kirby Bliss Blanton; photography by Stephanie Diani

Kirby Drive

by Jason Sheeler | Houston magazine | May 25, 2012

Your typical rising starlet might prefer to play it dangerous and racy—perhaps as the sexy ingénue. Not The Woodlands-raised actress Kirby Bliss Blanton, who drew great buzz for her recent turn as a sweet-natured, just-one-of-the-boys gal in the documentary-style teen-flick smash Project X in the spring. “I don’t mind being the good girl at all,” she says in a mid-day phone interview from L.A. “[The producers] saw I could hang with the guys and be the friend.”

Blanton, 21, already comes off as a Hollywood vet, navigating a reporter’s questionnaire with easy aplomb. She winds her way through her early bit-part Nickelodeon days, flying often between Hobby and LAX. “It was good to get in front of casting directors,” she says. And she relives a Wal-Mart commercial with a then teen idol. “It was Jesse McCartney, and I was obsessed with him!”

She moves on to the hustle of auditions, the frequency of which have picked up with her Project X laudations. “My job is getting the next job.” But—here’s that old-pro thing again—once the audition is over, she puts it out of her mind. “You have to forget about each one, unless it moves forward. The majority of the time it doesn’t.” The single Blanton keeps herself distracted with her painting hobby, walking her puggle and hanging out with her pals, most of whom are other Texas-reared actors.

The pretty blonde—whose next teen film Hot Bot hits soon, directed by of-the-moment duo the Polish brothers—is also happy another taste of home has hit Hollywood recently: Chick-fil-A. “We finally got one!” she exclaims with “we opened at No. 1” zeal. “But I really miss the drinks at Sonic back home. I’m a big Route 44 fan. A Diet Coke, lots of ice. A cherry, sometimes.”
The good girl, indeed.

Blanton’s Hots
Nonalcoholic Arnold Palmer cocktails, “Chuy’s queso at The Woodlands Mall,” Audi R8s, real waffles, singing in the car

Blanton’s Nots
Crocs, popped collars, roller coasters, Eggo waffles, red sports cars, onions, “men with no manners”