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Imagine your perfect getaway. If it includes white sand beaches, turquoise water, championship golf, award-winning cuisine and dazzling sunsets, head to South Walton on Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast to luxuriate in nature’s splendor.
Allergan Carrie Strom Colleen McKenna Sara Sangha Dr. Stephanie Manson B
The corporate face of Allergan is decidedly female, as the executive leadership offers insightful edge simply by living their own patient journey.
Shot on location at The Post Oak Hotel Uptown, these five trendsetters each offer a unique perspective on what it means to be a stylish and influential woman in Houston today.
Kristiane Charrier
A local fashion designer releases a new capsule collection, drawing inspiration from both her past and her present, as well as from Houston’s diverse multicultural fabric.
Poitín Houston Review
Poitín in the Washington Avenue Arts District is pouring kicked-up cocktails and dishing global fare full of personality.