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An immersive arts experience at the MFA.


The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Wading through the 24,000 strands of hand-tinted plastic tubing that make up Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s crowning, two-story-tall Houston Penetrable—an immersive installation commissioned by the MFA in ’04, a year before the modern-art icon died—has proved irresistible fun for thousands since it opened on May 8. And that includes amateur painter and photographer Ken Frederick, an engineer for Exxon Mobil who especially enjoys shooting works of art. “I love engineering,” he says, “but there are very rigorous guidelines and best practices, and you have to follow procedures. I make and photograph art because there’s none of that—no guidelines or schedules. It’s refreshing. It’s especially good to be around art you can touch and feel and photograph, where interaction is encouraged. It’s rare and wonderful.” The exhibit closes Sept. 1.