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Faithfully Fashionable

For Victoria Osteen, whose annual women’s event is this month, style is about confidence—and kids!

Victoria and Joel Osteen, pastors of the country’s biggest church, enjoy a moment of frolic—on a week day! “Our weekends are busy” says Victoria, whose Love Your Life fashion event is this month. “Our weekends are work.”

Settling into a low-slung sofa in her regal pastoral suite—it looks as though the parlor of an opulent River Oaks home was inserted into one end of Lakewood mega-church, famously the former Compaq Center where the Rockets played—Victoria Osteen smiles excitedly. She’s got some fancy footwork on her mind.

“The shoes,” she beams, “they’re always a hit!”

The author and co-pastor of the largest church in America—and wife of world-famously platitudinous preacher Joel, whose weekly sermons reach 45,000 in person and 7 million more on TV—is alluding to one
of the more popular parts of her upcoming annual women’s event. The two-day Love Your Life program kicks off Sept. 20 with a high-energy fashion show with looks from Dillard’s, produced by well-known local industry pros Lenny Matuszewski and Tamara Bonar.

“It’s a way to help women connect on a social level, and become confident in ourselves,” explains Osteen, 52, noting that there’s an expo for shopping after the show, and presentations by motivational speakers.

The Lakewood event is also a fundraiser for Osteen’s Child’s Literacy Program. “It’s not only important to get children reading,” explains the minister, who has written several children’s books, “but it’s also a great connection for families, for mothers to spend time with their children. That’s why it’s so close to my heart.”

Osteen has reason to be especially sentimental about mothering and educating children this fall. The couple’s oldest child, son Jonathan, is flying the coop for college. Luckily for Mom, daughter Alexandria will be around to make her feel better; the high school sophomore is even modeling in the Love Your Life show.

“My mother loves fashion,” Osteen reflects, “and she handed that down to me. And I have fun with my daughter now.”