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Hail a Cad?

Former reality-TV rogue Kalon McMahon bets his new business venture will make your heart race.


McMahon’s Hots: Toms, girls in Lululemon pants, TopGolf, La Guadalupana breakfast tacos, magic, Chris Harrison

McMahon’s Nots: Birds (“sky rats”), Facebook, crowds at Coachella, McDonald’s, belly button rings

Kalon McMahon rose to notoriety after cagily casting himself as the villain on ABC’s The Bachelorette in 2012. (He made his entrance ostentatiously by helicopter, and referred to the single-mom star’s child as “baggage.”) Two years, an ill-fated Bachelor Pad stint and a hint of humility later—just a tad, as he still insists “no one remembers the nice guy”—he’s back in hometown Houston with a new biz.

The suave 28-year-old has returned from Cali pitching SurfSet Fitness, a surf-board-centered core workout first touted on another reality show, Shark Tank. He nudged his way to Dallas’ Tank benefactor Mark Cuban, and was licensed to sell the program.

In time for New Year’s resolutions, classes are on offer at Cypress’ Trinity Pilates and new Joy Yoga on San Felipe at Voss, and they’re already making fans of notables like the Dynamo’s Mike Chabala and The Voice’s Danielle Bradbery. McMahon plans to begin teaching classes himself. “We’ll probably get a lot of 14-year-old girls and 40-year-old women in that class,” he says, making light of his own infamy. “That tends to be my demographic.”

Meanwhile, he defies his roguish persona by engaging in charity work, and maintaining close relationships with old pals. “It’s hard to replace friends that... know you’re not that ass**** from TV.”