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The Hit List: Desserts to Fall For!

Fall brings a cornucopia of decadent seasonal desserts. Here are five treats to try!

Etoile apple tarte

City for Display: 

1. Etoile Cuisine et Bar’s (1101-11 Uptown Park Blvd., 832.668.5808) star dessert is the beautiful tarte fine aux pommes, a thinly sliced apple tart a la mode with fleur de sel caramel. It’s a work of art!

2. At glittery Vegas-style Mr. Peeples (1911 Bagby St., 713-652-0711), chef Johnny Wesley’s finales are amazing. Think fresh pecan pie in homemade crust with caramel sauce and chocolate ice cream, or Snickers bar chocolate mousse cake sprinkled with crushed peanuts, peanut butter, and drizzles of chocolate.

3. Prego’s (2520 Amherst St., 713.529.2420) hottie new pastry chef Matthew Zoch recently introduced these cool creations: a lip-smacking lemon tart, dense creamy chocolate ice cream, blood orange sorbet, butterscotch bread pudding, and a decadent chocolate soufflé.

4. A highlight at Triniti (2815 S. Shepherd Dr., 713.527.9090) are desserts by Samantha Mendoza; her pumpkin mocha combines the best of two worlds. Pumpkin spiced cake with whipped cream, caramel and fresh fig garnish, and a side of chocolate-mocha gelato.

5. The Chocolate Bar (2521 University Blvd., 713.520.8888) has rolled out its annual pumpkin cheesecake. Made with pumpkin, candied pecans and white chocolate, it’s downright wicked.