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The French Art of Living
By Andrea Mills | October 3, 2017


A historical Parisian address favored by such artists and celebrities as Isadora Duncan, Igor Stravinsky, Andy Warhol, Peggy Guggenheim and Madonna,...

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Our Town
By Becca Hensley | October 3, 2017


Urban villages aren’t a new idea. In the 19th century, a slew of them cropped up around the United States in a movement historians dubbed Utopian communities. Those master-planned hamlets, usually helmed by a charismatic...

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Second to None
By Zlata Kozul Naumovski | October 3, 2017


During your recent visit to Chicago, where we lounged on a pile of handcrafted rugs, you said, “Everything I do is inspired by architecture.” What is it about architecture that excites you?...

House of Hazen

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Open House
By Kelsie Allen Barton | October 3, 2017


Rhonda Hazen’s passion for interior design and decor led her to start House of Hazen, a charming design and gift shop that recently bowed in Buckhead....

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Eternal Elegance
By Wendy Bowman | October 3, 2017


As a young girl, Kristin Drohan loved creating houses for her dolls and reveled in drafting classes… but she never even considered design as a profession until she reached adulthood. “I always...

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West Meets East
Claire Harper | October 3, 2017

Cali Cool California-based home decor brand Serena & Lily chose none other than Atlanta’s beloved Westside Provisions District to situate its new setup—the...

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Natural Wonder
By Phebe Wahl | October 3, 2017


“I’m inspired by things from my past and from every day,” says designer Michael Aram, who unveiled an impressive array of collections ranging...

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A Welcome Evolution
By Karon Warren | April 10, 2017

For Amber Nixon Gizzi, a successful design is one that, first and foremost, satisfies all of the clients’ wants and needs, and brings to life their vision of the space. She has truly mastered combining vision of her clients with her...

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Backyard Bliss
By Wendy Bowman | April 10, 2017

For more than 10 years, business partners Don Easterling and Nina Nash have combined their longtime passion for design and vibrant chemistry to create showstopping interiors for the who’s who of Atlanta and beyond—...

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She's a Natural
By Kate Abney | April 10, 2017

Dana Lynch may not be a household name— even within Atlanta’s design community—but it’s safe to say she soon will be. The former big-firm attorney, who’s been quietly growing her design...

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It’s the Little Things
By Karina Antenucci | April 10, 2017

Neolith Tiny House is no ordinary tiny house. Created by surface fabricator Neolith, this fully functional 500-square-foot abode is in fact an experiential showroom on...

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