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The Lush Life
By Caroline Cox, Andrea MIlls, Stephanie Smith and Phebe Wahl | April 29, 2015

When Marcia Weber took over the grounds at a Druid Hills estate, the clients hoped the A-list Atlanta garden designer could transform their bilevel project into an...

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By Design
By Phebe Wahl | April 23, 2015

“My favorite toys were always Legos,” admits Vern Yip, the award-winning architectural and interior designer, and multitalented man behind Vern Yip Designs. “Architecture was the first thing that...

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Belles of the Wall
By Phebe Wahl | April 23, 2015

Britt Bass Turner
“I think my pieces work well with playful, bright, open interiors,” notes prolific painter Britt Bass Turner. As the daughter of interior...

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Permanent Vacation
By Maile Pingel | April 23, 2015

Canyon Point, Utah
$7.5 million

THE LOWDOWN Mesa One is the first of 36 villas designed by Manhattan-based architect Annabelle Selldorf for the award-winning Amangiri resort. The fully...

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In Good Taste
By Rima Suqi | April 23, 2015

I can’t help but feel as if I’m being watched. Perhaps it’s the larger-than-life eyes painted on my headboard or the faces fronting every throw pillow in the room. I have only myself to blame. A few weeks before arriving at...

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Luxe Redux
By Travis Neighbor Ward | April 22, 2015

When Melinda Chandler first moved into her Georgia Revival bungalow in Virginia-Highland, it was 1997 and she was a single professional running her corporate branding agency Get Fresh Creative. The one-story layout and in-town neighborhood of the...

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Less is More
By Stephanie Smith | April 22, 2015

Giorgio Armani says, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” Armani might as well have been talking about the first project interior designer Wendy Blount and architect Howard...

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Picture Perfect
By Travis Neighbor Ward | April 22, 2015

For Paula Wallace, president and founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design, home is where the art is. When she was looking for a house to share with her husband, Glenn Wallace; their two children; and their two dogs, she wanted...

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Scent Factory
Roopika Malhotra | January 6, 2015

If home scent were an art, then surely Diptyque would be the ultimate master. The French brand’s iconic wax candles have been a mainstay on stylish mantels and coffee tables since 1961,...

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Silver Bells
Caroline Cox | January 6, 2015

From shimmering chandeliers to metallic tables, silver accessories add seasonal modernity to holiday home decor. Unexpected and detailed ottomans serve as edgy accent pieces, while inspired, unique lighting and sleek credenzas make their own bold...

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Mr. President
Phebe Wahl | January 2, 2015

When interior designer Kerry Howard purchased his first home in Cumming, he selected a place that could accommodate a set of three antique church windows he had acquired. “I decided from that point on, I would surround myself with things that I...

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Grand Revival
Travis Neighbor Ward | January 2, 2015

In the world of interior design, the best projects are often the least expected. Those words certainly rang true for designer Stuart Pliner, who, while at a dinner party, met a busy executive couple who were feeling unenthusiastic about the...

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