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IIDA Georgia Chapter Dressed 2018

When: September 20, 2018 7:30 PM

  Yellow the color of joy, purple is reminiscent of royalty, red the color of defiance and the fire within one’s soul. All these examples pull together the use of defining a color with a word. Imagine a garment that captures specific action and feeling using color. It speaks of motion and emotion in its shape and cut. Like color and shape, actions and emotions can be overstated or is the task of each team to decide if your message will be sophisticated and muted, or if it will be loud and powerful. Textures, patterns, hues, and values alter the nature of any given color, and offer a fine distinction of meanings and shifting moods. Consider this year’s theme as if it were a kaleidoscopic merger of action, emotion, and color. Be inspired to follow deep-rooted symbols of color and shape or use your garment design to challenge those preconceived notions. Whether you choose modern or traditional elements (or both), be inspired by haute couture and the avant-garde. No matter what color and (e)motion, your garment should look perfectly suited for a photo op on the red-carpeted stairs of the Met Gala.

The Tabernacle - Atlanta

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