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Eternal Elegance

Glean a touch of inspiration from acclaimed Atlanta designer Kristin Drohan’s livable yet elegant family room in her Roswell abode.


As a young girl, Kristin Drohan loved creating houses for her dolls and reveled in drafting classes… but she never even considered design as a profession until she reached adulthood. “I always wanted to run a business, and it just happened organically,” says the Atlanta-based interior and furniture designer. Today, as CEO of Kristin Drohan Collection, she employs her signature style to craft classic and luxurious spaces teeming with her firm’s custom-designed upholstery, sumptuous pillow textiles, simple curtains with a leading edge, fresh foliage and commissioned art. “My spaces are edited, and more often than not, have high color contrast,” she says. “I also mix high and low price points, old and new, and have layers of texture.” Representing her design aesthetic to a T? The oft-used family room in her Roswell home, which boasts a Lois sofa upholstered in Sunbrella and eco-faux leather; zebra-print ottoman; custom cocktail table with an indestructible terrazzo concrete top (to withstand scratches and spills); her grandmother’s antique chair redone with a Robert Allen graphic floral; her go-to curtains with the leading edge; and a pop of polarizing orange. The result? An area that is timeless, modern and elegant. “I like my designs to last, and I think this will stand the test of time,” she says. “When I tire of the orange, I’ll just pop in a few new accessories to freshen it up.”