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Simplicity at Play
By Maile Pingel | April 3, 2018

When interior designer Shannon Wollack speaks to the “wow factor” of a La Quinta home she recently completed with firm partner Brittany Zwickl, she isn’t overstating. The home is located in the Madison Club, one of the...

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Beyond the Pale
By Kathryn Romeyn | April 3, 2018

It’s fair to say it took a bit of foresight on the part of Orange County–based VIP event planner Sunny Ravanbach to turn an overwhelmingly brown 1958 Dana Point house into a light-as-a-feather home that would feel just as...

Nathan Turner I Love California

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California Adventure
By Julia Millay Walsh | April 3, 2018


"I want to write recipes,” is certainly not what interior designer Nathan Turner’s editor expected to hear when it came time to discuss the...

Celerie Kemble

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New Light
By Phebe Wahl | April 3, 2018

“My collection was inspired heavily by a desire to see softer materials, juxtapositions and mixes of these materials—like leather, milk glass, wood and églomisé—with the harder edges often shown in lighting,” says interior designer...

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Thai Surprises
By Drew Limsky | April 3, 2018


When Sutep Patsuteesutti of Studio Chemistri in Bangkok set to work on two family-owned Phuket resorts—the lavish Sino-Portuguese-style Sri Panwa and the...

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Greener Pastures
By Allison McCarthy | January 26, 2018

The Jones family, with a 5-year-old son and energetic cattle dog, were quickly outgrowing their San Francisco home. After five years in their beloved Bernal Heights Victorian, they did what many San Franciscans in...

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Character Study
By Alexandria Abramian | January 26, 2018

When Christine Foy and Mark Anderson purchased their Hancock Park dream home, they focused on mood over decorating dogma. “We wanted our meditation room to feel warm, quiet and peaceful; the living room to...

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Drama Class
By Jennifer Blaise Kramer | January 26, 2018

As more and more young families gravitate to the fresh, open layouts of modern farmhouses and Cape Cods, designers have been challenged to create original, out-of-the-box interpretations. When Anna-Marie Claassen of...

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Handle with Flair
By Anh-Minh Le | January 25, 2018


When a couple—owners of a 6,600-square-foot early 1900s Craftsman in Hillsborough—initially approached Kassin Adelman and her San Francisco-based firm, ...

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Gold Standard
By Maile Pingel | January 25, 2018


New to luxury wallpaper manufacturer de Gournay’s San Francisco showroom, which opened last spring, is the striking Namban pattern, created in...

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Twice As Nice
By Maile Pingel | January 25, 2018


When Will Wick and Jen Kelly Wick moved into their waterfront Sausalito home about a year ago, they knew it was the retreat they needed. After years of living in San Francisco, the new home offered a more relaxed...

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Lasting Impressions
By Laura Eckstein Jones | January 25, 2018


When Wisconsin-born architect Frank Lloyd Wright visited Japan for the first time in 1905, like many visitors, he was taken by the country’s undeniable beauty and charm. It was a...

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