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California Dreaming
By Phebe Wahl | January 25, 2018

Interior designer Barclay Butera is animated about his two latest collections because “they play well on the East Coast, the Midwest, Florida... across the entire country,” he says. He recently unveiled dual lines,...

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Second Coming
By Wendy Bowman | October 3, 2017

Before purchasing this modern home in Rancho Santa Fe’s exclusive Covenant neighborhood, the current residents—a duo of veterinarians—brought in designers Alison Dorvillier and Lauren...

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Shore Thing
By Anh-Minh Le | October 3, 2017

If you had driven by the vacation property belonging to Timothy Chappelle’s clients 50 years ago—soon after it was built—and then again today, it would appear unchanged. The siding, roofing and...

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Standing Ovation
By Maile Pingel | October 3, 2017

When designer Natasha Baradaran took on the remodel of a 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival home in Brentwood, she refused to sacrifice style for comfort. “[The clients] wanted a [family] home with a...

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Golden Slumber
By Laura Eckstein Jones | October 3, 2017


“The idea of Le Refuge came naturally after I arrived in Los Angeles, where I live now,” says Italian-born, Paris-bred designer Marc Ange. “The moment of peace that I found under the...

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The French Art of Living
By Andrea Mills | October 3, 2017


A historical Parisian address favored by such artists and celebrities as Isadora Duncan, Igor Stravinsky, Andy Warhol, Peggy Guggenheim and Madonna,...

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Cool, Calm & Collected
By Allison McCarthy | October 3, 2017


Marin-based interior designer Elena Calabrese found her dream client: a single dad with two daughters who prefers a minimalist style, believes in a clutter-free household and has a soft spot...

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Second to None
By Zlata Kozul Naumovski | October 3, 2017


During your recent visit to Chicago, where we lounged on a pile of handcrafted rugs, you said, “Everything I do is inspired by architecture.” What is it about architecture that excites you?...

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Natural Wonder
By Phebe Wahl | October 3, 2017


“I’m inspired by things from my past and from every day,” says designer Michael Aram, who unveiled an impressive array of collections ranging...

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Our Town
By Becca Hensley | October 3, 2017


Urban villages aren’t a new idea. In the 19th century, a slew of them cropped up around the United States in a movement historians dubbed Utopian communities. Those master-planned hamlets, usually helmed by a...

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Open House
By Amanda Eberstein | April 13, 2017

Since launching their furniture showroom and interiors firm, Blackband Design, in 2003, husband-and-wife team Greg and Wendy Blackband have become known throughout Orange County for their unique combination of coastal...

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