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Cesar’s Palace

Paw prints are nowhere to be found in the Dog Whisperer’s pristine abode.

Cesar Millan at home with his pitbull, Junior

Of course someone who was on the iconic series Dog Whisperer would have a house that speaks softly. Cesar Millan fell in love with the light interiors of his new 3,800-square-foot Studio City home—and the fact that he didn’t have to do a thing. The home came furnished, with interiors by Yosef Aviv of SOHB. The inexhaustible Millan just wrapped up the season finale of Nat Geo Wild’s Leader of the Pack and published his sixth book, Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog ($22, National Geographic). Now touring with his live show, Millan took time out to let us know how those interiors are faring with his five canine companions.

When I see a white rug in the master bedroom, I have to ask: What were you thinking?
I’m so disciplined about the dogs always being clean before they enter the house, it doesn’t matter what color the interiors are.

You also have a white bedspread. Do the dogs sleep with you?
Junior and Alfie sleep in my room, but not on my bed. I don’t like dog hair on the bed. That’s my personal space. They don’t have to be on me and next to me at that moment.

What attracted you to this particular house?
When I walked in, it was like, ‘Welcome to your house.’ Everything was in the right place. There was the right color furniture, the right flowers, the right frame, the right desk. It’s definitely my style, even though I never had white furniture in my life. As a Mexican, I’m more used to colors like fuchsia or yellow or turquoise. I never would have picked gray walls, but I love them. It’s as if you’re always in a meditation zone.

Does this house have dog-friendly materials?
Hardwood floors. Carpeting creates more dirt and smell.

Fill in the blank. Your favorite room is _____:
The garage. Like a typical guy, I go there to fix things and to work with plants.

Since this house came already furnished, what did you add to make it more personal?
Crystals, orchids. I’m always bringing in new flowers. A huge painting of Mayans, and, of course, my dogs. When you add an animal, they have an amazing ability to make everything look beautiful.