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The quiet minimalism of Harbour Outdoor’s latest collection allows California’s rugged beauty to shine.


Harbour Outdoor

Harbour Outdoor’s Louver chairs ($2,400 each)  

“Since we’ve moved to Los Angeles, we’ve discovered a strong correlation of our aesthetic among Californians,” says Nicholas Condos, co-owner and designer of chic furniture line Harbour Outdoor. Nicholas and his brother, Harrison, brought the brand to the U.S. from their native Australia seven years ago and, since then, have expanded its presence to Manhattan­—at the New York Design Center and within ABC Carpet & Home—and, more recently, to Culver City, where they opened a showroom at Helms Bakery.

Now, here in L.A., the design inspiration abounds. “We spent our childhood days growing up by the beach learning to appreciate the beauty of a coastal environment,” says Nicholas. “The love of relaxed outdoor living is a shared commonality between Californians and Australians.”

That idea strongly plays into the brand’s newest designs. “Specifically, this season, we reference a coastal lifestyle that seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors,” says Nicholas, who references the artisan-made teak Louver chairs as a prime example. “The Louver collection takes cues from Australian architecture,” he says.

“Louvers are a functional device used in many of our houses that allow us to control airflow in our hot climate. They can also be stunning visually, and we wanted to capture that essence.”

Further emphasizing the Aussie-Cali connection is the striking Malibu location where the newest items were photographed. “Throughout the years, we’ve always photographed our shoots in locations that reflect Australian terrain—this allows us to remain true to our heritage,” says Nicholas. “The new collections are beautifully complemented by Malibu’s landscape, which is reminiscent of coastal and outback Australia.” Culver City