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Royal Family
Diana Tychsen | July 9, 2012

Inside the walls of a seemingly quiet Country European style home in Highland Park, a flourishing family of five is stirring things up. Lara Prince, her husband Avi Lewittes and their three children are recent transplants from New York City—not to...

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Museum Quality
Amalie Drury | July 9, 2012

The house comes as a surprise—even a bit of a curiosity—on its well-manicured street in the northern suburbs, where its neighbors are grand examples of traditional brick and Tudor styles. In contrast, this art-filled house situated on a...

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Green House
Tate Gunnerson | July 9, 2012

“We had this blank canvas, so I sat down and wrote a nine-page list of everything that I would ever want in a house,” Michele Gelman explains from behind her kitchen island. She is preparing quinoa paella and a salad of lettuces and microgreens...

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Model Student
Barri Leiner Grant | July 9, 2012

When the head-turning brown-haired beauty and Naperville native Jillian O’Neill tells you she’s “a bit of a math nerd,” you can’t imagine it adding up! The former sixth grade math specialist ditched the scholastic track...

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Turkish Delight
Rima Suqi | July 9, 2012

From the still waters of Mandalay Bay, a secluded spot off the storied Aegean Sea—stomping grounds for the ancient Greeks, Romans and their notoriously unpredictable gods—Amanruya resembles a small village. Nestled hillside amid olive and pine...

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Renaissance, Reborn!
Rima Suqi | April 12, 2012

Even today you’d be hard-pressed to find a starchitect-branded glass structure in Florence, one of the few cities in the world with a skyline still relatively untouched by modernization (although rumor has it that Sir Norman Foster has...

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The Concrete Jungle
Lily Hansen | April 12, 2012

Call it the “Little Black Dress” of the interior design world: Tom Bucina believes concrete to be the perfect blank canvas. In 2009, Bucina founded Chicago Concrete Studio after honing his craft at commercial...

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Space Agents
Tate Gunnerson | April 12, 2012

A man living solo has always been an intriguing subject for satire: the empty pizza boxes strewn about, the fridge bare but for the random condiment bottles and beer cans, the almost-endearing lack of interest in the environment department (flat-screen,...

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The Suite Life
Diana Tychsen | April 12, 2012

“I am so lucky this didn’t come out looking like a Picasso painting,” says Dara Levy with a laugh. The self-taught design enthusiast juggled the roles of architect, interior designer and project manager during the construction and...

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Communal Living
Diana Tychsen | April 12, 2012

“It was a family affair,” says Aimee Wertepny, founder of Project Interiors, of the recent collaboration between her firm, interior designer Lauren Warnock, LG Development Group and—of course—the client. The team worked...

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Look Sharp
By Amalie Drury | April 7, 2011

Right angles rule in Chicago designer Lukas Machnik’s latest project, the renovation of a three-story, single-family Bucktown home that was built in 2002. Lanky floor lamps jut from behind squared-off couches; flames flicker inside a long, low,...

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Girl Power
By Meghan McEwen | April 7, 2011

With Chicago’s most famous designer planted in New York City to film The Nate Berkus Show, his talented right-hand ladies Sasha Adler and Lauren Gold are holding down the fort back in Chicago with big style—and an even bigger sense of humor....

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