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Square Deal
By Tate Gunnerson | April 18, 2016

“You kind of just exhale when you walk into this house,” explains architect Greg Howe of the modern courtyard home on an ultrawide lot in Lincoln Square that he and colleague Pam Lamaster-Millett of Searl Lamaster Howe Architects designed...

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Everyday Getaway
By Mark Wilson | April 18, 2016

“We have five kids, and they’re all busy, running around, playing sports. During summers, we’d try to get up to Lake Geneva, but we could only get up there, like, twice a summer,” Jennifer O’Scannlain laments....

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Sublime Style
By Maile Pingel | February 5, 2016

London, England
THE BUZZ Built by 19th century architect John Nash, the original designer of Buckingham Palace, Carlton House Terrace sits in the heart of the St. James neighborhood. The newly and...

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Ice Breaker
By Tate Gunnerson | February 5, 2016

“Every one of my pieces begins with a block of solid ice or sometimes just a frigid Chicago winter day,” explains Steven Haulenbeek, a former furniture designer for Holly Hunt,...

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Natural Selection
By Thomas Connors | February 5, 2016

When thinking of fine homes on the North Shore, it’s the traditionally inspired work of architects Howard Van Doren Shaw and David Adler that usually spring to mind. Although there are exceptions—most famously, the A. James...

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Best of Design
By The Editors with Addie Reese | February 4, 2016


Best Nursery: Gemma Parker Design 
Gemma Parker’s newly established eponymous...

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Town & Country
By Drew Limsky | February 4, 2016

The San Francisco Bay area isn’t simply an affluent metropolis fueled by tech industry innovation; it’s a global luxury capital whether you stay in the city or venture out. The Ritz-Carlton brand well understands this fact—and...

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Bring It Home
By Elaine Markoutsas | February 3, 2016

In the life of sports figures, things sometimes move at a rapid clip. When Cubs pitcher Jon Lester was traded to Chicago, there were only a few months to find a new home for his wife, Farrah; their two sons, Hudson, 5, and Walker, 2; and...

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Plum Project
By Rebecca Taras | February 3, 2016

There’s a lot of strategic thinking that goes into decorating a home, but when it comes to renovating a weekend pied-à-terre, it’s safe to say there’s room to have a little more fun. As proof positive, Aimee Wertepny of PROjECT...

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French Twist
By Tate Gunnerson | February 3, 2016

“Not many people have a closet with this kind of stunning view,” explains Shelly Handman of the well-appointed white rift oak-paneled dressing room overlooking the lake that he designed for his clients. Complete with its own balcony...

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Mix Masters
By Jessie Sardina | October 29, 2015

For anyone who has amassed a collection of family heirlooms, the challenge is familiar: How do you showcase the treasured antiques without compromising contemporary style and comfort?

It was this exact question that guided interior designers...

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Solid Gold
By Katie Orr | October 29, 2015

Stephanie Biegel gushed a little. “He offered to meet me for drinks at Gilt Bar—my favorite place—and it was like love at first sight.” She is talking about Stephen Young,...

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