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Blending his reverence for the past with a contemporary context, Jeffrey Bilhuber’s collection with Henredon is a modern marvel.

Jeffrey Bilhuber
Jeffrey Bilhuber

This Bolton Road chair hits all the right points. It’s a deeply comfortable chair, very sexy, animated. It has its origins in Turkish design, where for the first time in construction of furniture, the frame of the chair, instead of being expressed or exposed, moved inward." $2,985

Jeffrey Bilhuber

“Porcelain dinnerware is essential to setting a beautiful table. I’m working on a new porcelain collection for de Gournay that will launch in January 2018.”  

Jeffrey Bilhuber

“I can never steer a client wrong when I encourage them to buy more books. They are a game changer as a backdrop and even more lyrical and appropriate if they are subjects that are of interest to you. Jane Stubbs is my go-to source, and she always delivers the goods.”  

Jeffrey Bilhuber

“I can’t put enough emphasis on the instant gratification that paint delivers. From matte to high-gloss finishes, they can transform a room instantly. Fine Paints of Europe has an astonishing collection of the highest quality. It’s a relatively obscure brand that is making huge inroads to how we perceive what paint should be.”  

Jeffrey Bilhuber

“I’m captivated by the artist James Turrell. His experiences with light and sensory perception are enthralling. I used a suite of three aquatints at my Henredon launch, and they were a compelling and timely contribution.”  

“The point of this collection is history with horsepower—where we sample the very best of the past, but we move it forward,” explains interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber of his new partnership with Henredon. The Jeffrey Bilhuber Collection of upholstered furniture, wood products and accessories blends the designer’s deep reverence for the past with modern sensibilities. “The inspiration is the distillation of some of my best projects,” he offers. “The rooms I design speak volumes about who lives there, not necessarily the designer who helped create it. And I think that’s one of my hallmarks and what keeps us very modern.” With his fifth Rizzoli book due out next year, as well as a tabletop collection with de Gournay, Bilhuber is a master of innovation. Here, he shares his interiors “it” list.