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The Light Fantastic

Jewelry, geometry and the magic of light inspired the latest collection of modular LED fixtures by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.  

Renowned designer Michael Anastassiades showed two collections for Flos at Euroluce during Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of which is Arrangements. The modular, graphic series launches in Chicago in February.  


“Lighting is a magical medium,” says Michael Anastassiades, who is known for his iconic designs for Flos as well as his own namesake studio. “It is difficult to find the right balance because a light fixture has to live, exist, look good and function in both light and dark,” he explains, meaning you see it in a different way depending on whether it is day or night. For Anastassiades, lighting is like jewelry for your home, and his new collection, Arrangements, shows his predilection for geometrical shapes. “It is quite close to things you see in jewelry,” he says of the tubular collection comprising line, square, teardrop and spherical shapes that are all customizable in a mix-and-match way. “I wanted to continue what I started with the String light project and to give freedom to the end user in combining the shapes,” he says. The dimmable LED fixtures are made of tubular aluminum with an opening diffuser that distributes light evenly, and while any size can be customized, they are always black “like a line drawing,” says Anastassiades. By virtue of his résumé, which includes designs for brands like Herman Miller, Bang & Olufsen, Hermès and Lobmeyr, to name a few, you can trust his judgment. “It is not an accident I am doing this,” says the prolific creative, who prefers not to be called a designer. “People have a need to name something,” he explains. “Is it work or is it art? I’ve always been intrigued with finding the balance.” Prices upon request, DWR, 755 W. North Ave.; Lightology, 215 W. Chicago Ave.; Luminaire, 301 W. Superior St.