Taken for Granite

Galleria of Stone Arizona’s new showroom showcases a rock-solid lineup of surfacing materials.


A backlit Smoky Quartz Dark backdrop from Galleria of Stone’s Precioustone Collection 


When discerning homeowners want rare and precious stone—whether for countertops, wall accents or flooring—they call Galleria of Stone. As a distributor of natural stone from Italy, this Verona-based, Phoenix-located store brings together luxury, style and an impressive selection of the highest quality stone.

Recent Galleria news worth raising a glass of sangiovese to is the store’s newly renovated showroom. Picture this: A 20,000-square-foot, bright, open, air-conditioned facility showcasing the impeccable quality of stone for which the brand is known. Guests can sip espresso and peruse slabs of marble, onyx, granite, natural quartz, calcite, soapstone and limestone. Or browse rows of travertine and quartzite, all amid fragrances of Italy. Materials available in the new showroom have been handselected from quarries around the world then shipped to Italy where they undergo highly advanced processing before being shipped directly to Galleria of Stone.

More good news for Galleria visitors: Azerocare, a breakthrough treatment process designed to protect natural stone. Exclusive to Arizona and available only at Galleria of Stone, Azerocare is incorporated into the stone during the manufacturing process, and offers full protection to more porous stones (marble, soft quartzite, onyx). What does this mean? Stones are protected from acidic and oil-based food stains (like red wine), bacteria and etching, not to mention the Azerocare treatment is UV resistant and environmentally safe. It also means if you’re in the mood for stunning white marble floors in your highly trafficked kitchen, you should go for it.

Galleria will celebrate its grand opening with a masquerade-themed fete Oct. 12 from 6 to 9PM. 750 E. Covey Lane, Ste. 145, Phoenix