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Steeped in Color
By Shayne Benowitz | July 15, 2016

“It was like trying to fit 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5-pound sack,” says interior designer Phyllis Taylor, one half of Taylor & Taylor, which she heads with her architect husband, William. Their longtime clients decided...

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The Bonds of Home
By Riki Altman-Yee | July 15, 2016

Though the owners of this transitional home on Venetian Island in Miami Beach claimed they did not want their house to be a showpiece, it ended up being just that. “I wanted to create an environment to raise my family,”...

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The Great Outdoors
By The Editors | April 22, 2016

Eight years ago, Miami-based designer Hugo Mijares launched One Design + Build after...

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Outside the Box
By Maile Pingel | April 19, 2016

Telluride, Colo.
$39.1 million
THE BUZZ Between year-round sports, film festivals and a burgeoning culinary scene, Telluride, Colo., is the place to be, and...

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Luscious Uruguay
By Becca Hensley | April 18, 2016

Atop a hill that overlooks 524 acres of undulating vineyards, inside the just-opened, impossibly sleek Bodega Garzón, I speak to entrepreneur...

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Globally Inspired
By Victor Ozols | April 14, 2016

With a lifetime spent collecting treasures from around the globe—and a popular concept store in the Design District—Maria Elena Uzcátegui made for herself and her family a home that is both global and soulful. “A...

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Naturally Modern
By Shayne Benowitz | April 14, 2016

When a couple from Boston with four young children considered moving to Florida, they tested the waters first by enlisting Jeff Strasser, chief creative officer of the Winter Park-based Marc-Michaels Interior Design, for their Naples...

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Shades of Gray
By Riki Altman-Yee | April 14, 2016

After purchasing a two-story spec home on the Intracoastal, the owners, a newlywed couple involved in real estate and finance, were eager to start establishing a comfortable new life together, complete with a blended family and two...

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Getting Clean
By Drew Limsky | April 14, 2016

Actually, I started out as an investment banker in New York. I did that for three years and moved on to a private equity firm. I worked there for about five years, then started my plan to open ...

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Common Cause
By Drew Limsky | April 14, 2016

Andrew Greene, the senior vice president for Housing Works who oversees marketing and development, wants to spread the organization’s wings. The mission of Housing Works...

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Sublime Style
By Maile Pingel | February 5, 2016

London, England
THE BUZZ Built by 19th century architect John Nash, the original designer of Buckingham Palace, Carlton House Terrace sits in the heart of the St. James neighborhood. The newly...

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A Nod To The North
By Matt Berman, as told to Drew Limsky | February 5, 2016

The owners of Talde—chef Dale Talde, David Massoni and John Bush—didn’t want to just duplicate the first Talde, which is located in Park...

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