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Hearts of the Home
By Rhonda Reinhart | October 2, 2018

Keeping it Casual
An easygoing Austin kitchen sets the scene for a Houston family’s weekend getaways.

Just about every weekend, Meg Lonergan’s clients load up the car and make the drive from...

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High on a Feeling
By Helen Thompson | October 2, 2018

The peripatetic owners of a recently completed house by Austin architect David Shiflet have called many places home. “We’ve lived in Houston, Lake Jackson, Michigan and Latin America,” says the wife, rattling off just a few of...

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Into the Woods
By Helen Thompson | October 2, 2018

“It’s like getting to know a calm person,” says Dallas architect Max Levy about a house he designed for Anne and Ethan Underwood, “and discovering they are more interesting than you thought.” The couple’s new two-...

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Simply Amazing
By Jessica Elliott | October 2, 2018

If there were ever a place you’d expect to find a serene respite that reads West Coast, it might not be in the heart of Houston’s inner loop. Yet an unmistakably laid-back serenity takes hold when you step into the Spanish colonial-...

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The New Traditionalist
By Mimi Faucett | October 2, 2018


"Writing a book feels like a very natural progression from how I began my career in design,” says Paloma Contreras. Said design career started as a creative outlet with La Dolce Vita (a design blog before...

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Lost and Found
By Helen Thompson | October 2, 2018


Texas’ most unexpected design truism might come as a surprise: Over the last 25 years, our best trends have emerged from small towns. Think Fredericksburg, which became an interior design mecca thanks to Carol Hicks Bolton...

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Marfa Lights
By Helen Thompson | October 2, 2018


The following is an excerpt from Texas Made/Texas Modern: The House and the Land ($50,, which debuts Oct. 16.

Marfa has become a destination, if...

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Dream World
By Stephanie Davis Smith | October 1, 2018

Light streaming through grooved slats of wood to resemble a forest’s canopy, copious greenery tucked into overhangs, mossy AstroTurf tiles intermixed with smooth alabaster flooring—in true California living style, the...

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Built to Last
Laura Eckstein Jones | October 1, 2018


Why was Knoll considered revolutionary when it launched in the late ’30s?
Hans and Florence Knoll and their many...

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Home Run
By Becca Hensley and Rhonda Reinhart | July 24, 2018

“You never live in a house the way you sell a house,” says Laura Gottesman, owner of Gottesman Residential Real Estate. Consistently ranked as one of Austin’s top real estate agents,...

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True Colors
By Rhonda Reinhart | July 24, 2018

Going Green
“Nature is the ultimate color inspiration,” says Courtnay Tartt Elias, creative director and principal of Houston-based Creative Tonic. “If...

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Modernism Exposed
By Helen Thompson | July 24, 2018

Late architect Dick Clark is often credited with creating a variant of modernism that is quite at home in Austin. His muscular Hill Country version of the aesthetic established a distinctive look that complements the vigor of the craggy...

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