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Big Reveal

by Alexandria Abramian-Mott | Modern Luxury Interiors Texas magazine | April 12, 2012

A cross between Dr. Phil and Jonathan Adler? Not exactly. Former Flipping Out-er Jeff Lewis is toning down his own tantrums and tending to other people’s inner design demons for his latest home makeover show, Interior Therapy. And we’re not just dealing with decorating. Lewis dives headfirst into domestic battlegrounds.

And your professional psychology credentials would be… Ten years of therapy! But truthfully, the show isn’t about me doing therapy. It’s about me calling people out on their crap—which is something I have a knack for.

Why the sleep-overs? When you see people really late at night and really early in the morning, that’s when you get to know them. Each episode is centered around Jenny and me living with these people for five days. That was hard for me. I’m very regimented, very clean, very organized. It was hard for me to not have my own morning routine. I’d just count the days when I could go back home.

Did you ever sneak home at night? There was one house where I just wasn’t able to spend the night. The people were serious hoarders, and I really felt that they were cast for the wrong TV show. At night, I’d wait for the cameras to go home, then I’d dash back to my own place. I could hear rats running in the walls!

Can good design save bad relationships? Sometimes. But not always. Let me just say that one of our episodes does not end well for one couple.

Watch for Interior Therapy at 8pm Wednesdays on Bravo.