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Paradise Found
By The Editors | April 22, 2016

For this LaRue Architects-designed house in Austin’s Barton Creek area, it was a group effort to create the property’s grand...

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Outside the Box
By Maile Pingel | April 19, 2016

Telluride, Colo.
$39.1 million
THE BUZZ Between year-round sports, film festivals and a burgeoning culinary scene, Telluride, Colo., is the place to be, and Paradiso is...

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Luscious Uruguay
By Becca Hensley | April 18, 2016

Atop a hill that overlooks 524 acres of undulating vineyards, inside the just-opened, impossibly sleek Bodega Garzón, I speak to entrepreneur Alejandro...

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All in the Family
By Rhonda Reinhart | April 14, 2016

“We’ve moved a lot,” Tricia Pezzia says. “We were always just searching, I guess, for that magical house.” For their latest relocation, Tricia and her physician husband, Willy, landed in the small town of Fulshear...

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Destination Dream Home
By Rhonda Reinhart | April 14, 2016 John Erdos’ love of furniture goes back to his childhood, when he’d watch his mother refinish odd pieces that she’d brought home from yard sales. “I was always amazed that you could turn...

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Out on a Ledge
By Helen Thompson | April 12, 2016

If the Anna Karenina principle could be applied to houses, it would confirm that every unhappy house is unhappy in its own way. In the case of a 6,014-square-foot house built on a 45-foot-wide limestone ledge 60 feet above Lake Austin, the...

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Well Preserved
By Holly Crawford | April 12, 2016

It took a little nudging from her real estate-minded mom for Houston emergency room doctor Lauren Leavitt and her investment banker husband, Dallas Griffin, to see the possibilities in their ranch-style home built in 1962. “I couldn’t...

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Pitch Perfect
By Jessica Otte | April 12, 2016

Sometimes it takes having what you don’t want to realize what you do.

Such was the case for Mark and Sharon Kane. For years, they lived in the most recently developed part of Dallas’ tony Preston Hollow neighborhood, where tight...

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Sublime Style
By Maile Pingel | February 5, 2016

London, England
THE BUZZ Built by 19th century architect John Nash, the original designer of Buckingham Palace, Carlton House Terrace sits in the heart of the St. James neighborhood. The newly and...

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International Delights
By Melissa Jacobs | February 5, 2016

Longtime interior designer Marcelo Saenz and marketing guru Adrian Duenas have melded their talents into a collaborative of European brands in BeDesign, Houston’s newest...

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What’s in Store
By Rhonda Reinhart | February 5, 2016


Modern Love
Living Modern is a mix of sensations, says co-owner Norma Gerstein. The interior designer and her husband, Evan...

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Best of Design
By Jessica Elliott, Steven Lindsey, Rhonda Reinhart and Helen Thompson | February 5, 2016


Best Bedroom: Ben Johnston 
For this master bedroom makeover,...

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