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Street Smart
By Rhonda Reinhart | July 22, 2015

By day, Erick Calderon deals in high-end imported tile for his family’s Houston- based tile company, La Nova. But by night (and day too, actually), he’s a rocking and rolling supporter of Houston’s vibrant art and music scene. This...

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The Toast of the Town
By Helen Thompson | July 22, 2015

Austin architect Dick Clark has reason to celebrate. Not that the bon vivant, man about town and local starchitect isn’t always ready to celebrate, but 2014 marked Dick Clark...

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View Finders
By Allison Hatfield | April 22, 2015

Architect Jim Gewinner and his wife, Kym, looked at 82 properties before deciding on the site for their Hill Country home. They had something very specific in mind and finding the right site was paramount.

Their exhaustive search for a piece...

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Compliments to the Architect
By Helen Thompson | February 3, 2015

If Austin architect Michael Hsu designs your restaurant, chances are good that rave reviews will start pouring in. The architecture and interior design will be praised to the skies too because, right now, Hsu is at the...

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Looming Large
By Rhonda Reinhart | February 3, 2015

For the past five years, interior designer Marie Flanigan has been bringing her classic, tailored style to Houston’s toniest neighborhoods. Now she’s bringing that same aesthetic to a new line of luxury rugs. Working...

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Best In Design
By The Editors | February 3, 2015


BEST LIVING ROOM // Pulp Design Studios
When the Pulp Design Studios team took on the task of refreshing this...

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A Castle of One's Own
By Maile Pingel | February 2, 2015

Haute-Garonne, France
$35 million

Just a 25-minute drive south of Toulouse finds you in the tiny medieval village of Saint-Élix, where...

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Ottoman Reverie
By Ayesha Khan | February 2, 2015

From powerful Roman emperors to brilliant 21st century Nobel laureates, great leaders, thinkers and visionaries have called Istanbul home for millennia. Overlooking the ancient yet cosmopolitan metropolis from atop one of the city’s seven...

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Rambling Manse
By Connie Dufner | February 2, 2015

The home of Nancy and Clint Carlson is a showplace for fine art without being showy. It’s a meticulously designed homage to light and color, shape and texture, form and function—exquisitely proper with a playful side and a laid-back...

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The High Life
By Helen Thompson | February 2, 2015

It’s a symbol of urban life: city dwellers desperate to flee town on the weekend. But there is the occasional example of reverse trending by a few trailblazers not afraid to go their own way. While lines of cars creep down freeways,...

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Welcome to the Club
By Modern Luxury Texas Interiors Staff and Contributors | October 10, 2014

Size Matters
In a city of sprawling ranch homes and McMansions, dainty furniture just won’t do. Enter ...

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Up and Away
Maile Pingel | October 10, 2014

London, United Kingdom
$20 million

THE LOWDOWN It really doesn’t get better than this. Set in the top two floors of The Heron, the largest residential tower built in London in the...

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