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Marie Flanigan’s new rug line with Madison Lily is a reflection of the designer’s classic, tailored style.

Marie Flanigan inside the Madison Lily showroom, where samples from her new rug collection are now available

For the past five years, interior designer Marie Flanigan has been bringing her classic, tailored style to Houston’s toniest neighborhoods. Now she’s bringing that same aesthetic to a new line of luxury rugs. Working with Houston-based rug designer and manufacturer Madison Lily, Flanigan has created a collection of floor coverings that mirror her signature look. “To me it’s all about less is more,” Flanigan says of her rug designs, which feature a subtle color palette of grays, whites, browns and creams. “‘A restrained hand’ is how I like to describe it.”

That look is a bit of a departure for Madison Lily. While the showroom offers a vast selection of rugs in varying styles, the designs lean contemporary and abstract. “There was some crossover with what we do, but not really,” says Edgar Podzemny, Madison Lily’s founder and principal designer. “Marie’s rugs brought a whole new look and style that we really weren’t showing as much.”

In addition to choosing colors and patterns, creating a unique textural experience was also a crucial part of the development process. “What was really important to me was keeping the rugs clean and organic,” Flanigan says. “I was really in love with the different textures of the natural fibers and the contrast between using a natural fiber right next to a shiny silk.”

By mid-January, Madison Lily will have 20 to 30 samples available for clients to peruse. Prices start at $6,000 for an 8-by-10-foot rug, and the lead time is three months.

“I believe that the appeal of Marie’s designs will be how easy they are to place,” Podzemny says. “You could put them in a very traditional home with antique furniture or they could go modern in a loft as well.” Houston floors never had it so good.