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10 Things Every Woman Should Have

by Emily L. Foley | Jezebel magazine | November 28, 2012

The clothing designer, New York Times-bestselling author, TV personality and beauty guru sat down with JEZ during her recent trip to the ATL. Here, she spills her must-haves. @laurenconrad

A go-to meal
“You don’t have to be the best cook in the world, but it’s important to have a good meal that you can cook for yourself—or throw together last-minute if people are coming over. I make a really good lasagna!”

Something that reminds you of home
“Whether it’s a scent or a charm, have something to keep you connected when you travel.”

A dress you feel beautiful in
“Whether it’s the silhouette or the color, you should have a dress that [makes] you feel really good about yourself.” Yoana Baraschi Venus Flower party dress, $380, at, @yoanabaraschi

A hobby you’re passionate about
“Not everyone has a job that they love, so you need something you can do that you really love.”

A good light read
“It’s the equivalent of watching a good chick flick.“ Lauren Conrad Beauty, $22, bookstores nationwide

A show or movie you can watch over and over
“I have every season of Sex and the City—it’s my go-to show. [Episodes] never get old, and it’s the perfect way to relax.” Sex and the City: The Complete Collection, $200, Barnes & Noble

One physical activity that you enjoy
“I personally hate going to the gym, but I really enjoy hiking, so knowing that, I don’t have any excuses for not getting exercise.”

A good red lipstick
“I think a lot of people are turned off by red lipstick, but it’s because they haven’t found the perfect color. I mix two NARS lipsticks together to get my perfect shade.” NARS semi-matte lipsticks in Heatwave and Jungle Red, $24 each, NARS counters, @narsissist

A comfortable pair of black pumps
“I always wear ones from my own line, and they’re all Sharpie’d up, because I steal them from our photo shoots!” LC Lauren Conrad platform high heels, $60, Kohl’s

A good group of friends!