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Take your Thanksgiving to-go this year at Star Provisions.

Feast Relief

by Sophie Loghman | Jezebel magazine | November 11, 2011

We know it’s a foreign concept for some of you, but this year, try stepping away from the stove and let someone else do the cooking. Cue the Atlanta restaurant scene: The city's top toques are offering home-cooked feasts to-go. Whether it's a few tidbits here and there or a full supper, the town's white hats can give you what you need.

For appetizing baked goods and mouth-watering pies, go to acclaimed chef Art Smith's Southern Art. His pastry chef, Meredith Miller, whipped up all of her favorites!

Enjoy seasonal sides, like maple-sweet potato casserole, zucchini and brioche dinner rolls, from Serpas True Food. Your guests will delight in Cajun all-star Scott Serpas' tasty concoctions.

Starting Nov. 23, orders will be ready for pick-up at the infamous Star Provisions. Order some of your Thanksgiving favorites, like organic roast turkey and yeast rolls—next year, you won't want to get back behind the stove.

Last but not least, if you're scrambling for time, pop over for a visit at Avalon Catering. With its ready-to-serve food options, this restaurant will allow you to pick up your Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday, so it'll be ready to heat and serve on Thursday.