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The new Krog Street concept will serve ATLiens flavor-packed dishes like pescaíto frito: fried smelt, salsa verde, pickled red onion and saffron puffed rice. Photo by Heidi Geldhauser 

Meet Me in Madrid

by Leah Shine | Jezebel magazine | September 28, 2017

With inspo taken from the bustling Market of San Miguel in Madrid, ATL’s newest afternoon and post-work hot spot, Bar Mercado, brings with it the mouthwatering flavors of the Mediterranean. Although the ingredient-driven menu flaunts foreign dishes such as squid served with espelette pepper, gremolata (translation: a chopped herb) and shellfish stock, don’t be fooled—the authentic, relaxed vibe that permeates the 2,400-square-foot setup will make you feel instantly at home. “My inspiration was to bring an elevated yet precise take on the casual tapas bars of Spain,” says chef John Castellucci. The indoor space is inviting with a pink-hued ceiling and warm brass accents, and the feeling continues outdoors with a patio covered by a barrel-vaulted canopy. The tasty menu paired with the Square Feet Studio-designed space will transport you to the streets of Europe—when you’re really just sipping a kalimotxo at Krog Street Market. @barmercadoatl