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Live Nation Atlanta's Peter Conlon has re-tuned Music Midtown. Photo: Alex Martinez

The Return of Music Midtown

by Kate Abney | Jezebel magazine | September 16, 2011

"There's a tremendous value of [festivals] to the city," says Music Midtown forefather Peter Conlon, recalling the impact MM had on the city—100,000 tickets sold (by year two) to a global audience. "It became one of the biggest festivals in the world, and was even the precursor to a lot of them. The guys from Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo came, walked around and got some of their ideas from us."

…So reports Associate Editor Austin Holt in JEZEBEL's September issue. He snagged an exclusive interview with the founder of this legendary music event, which hasn't claimed its ground in Piedmont Park for six years. In that interview, Conlon explains how Music Midtown has been rendered better than ever for its return on Sept. 24—filling two stages with mega music acts like The Constellations, Manchester Orchestra, Young The Giant, The Black Keys and, of course, a little London band called Coldplay. Fifty-five dollars gets you in for a full afternoon and evening of listening, starting at 1PM on the 10th Street Meadow in Piedmont Park, and concluding just before midnight. We've also got tips on transportation, accommodations (if you're not from the ATL) and dining and drinking (come on, you're not heading home that early, are you?) around the area. Best of all, though, Music Midtown is guaranteed to serve up soul-shaking sounds in a way only Atlanta—and Conlon—could deliver. It's something you've got to hear to believe. Click here to buy your tickets today.