Shannon Purser

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The Name Game
By Ashton Pike | August 27, 2018


Barb, June, Ethel, Sierra… the world may know Shannon Purser by the monikers she takes when the cameras start rolling, but we know the Emmy-nominated actress as one of us by way of her Roswell roots. In just three years, the 21-year-old...

Fetch Atlanta

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So Fetch
By Ashley Barnett | August 27, 2018


As you amble into Fetch Park & Ice House, Old Fourth Ward’s latest see-and-be-seen destination (and the site of Aaron Murray’s recent proposal to fiancee Sharon Stufken), you’re greeted by a red neon sign that says “Play...

Restaurant Holmes

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No Place Like Holmes
Kelsie Allen Barton | August 27, 2018

The walls are decorated with graffiti and skateboards; the bar is bustling; and, on one side of the restaurant, the words “Keep the Vibes Alive” glow in neon. It’s hard to believe you’re in Alpharetta right now. And,...

Camila Mendes Riverdale

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Mirror, Mirror
By Alejandra Torres and Katie Jackson | August 27, 2018


The great equalizer—whether you’re a Hollywood “it” girl or an average Jane—is that cringeworthy high school headshot. “My driver’s license picture is so embarrassing,”...

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Moss Rules.
By David Hochman | August 24, 2018

This time of year is always pleasantly surreal for Elisabeth Moss. Hardly a September passes without her navigating the red-carpeted run-up to the Emmy Awards (she finally won in 2017 after nearly a decade of nominations); and then, in October, come the...

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Do Not Disturb
By Claire Schatz | August 17, 2018


Tony Diamond saw Airbnb and raised it one with StayTony—a collection of short-term (read: one-month minimum), fully furnished apartments fit for those awkward in-between times that are too long for a hotel but too...

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20 Most Eligible Atlantans 2018
Produced by Kelsie Allen Barton | July 31, 2018


Age: 27 Insta: @bassthesnake...

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20 Most Eligible Atlantans 2018
Produced by Kelsie Allen Barton | July 31, 2018


Age: 27 Insta: @...

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On Her A Game
By Kelsie Allen Barton | July 31, 2018

Ajiona Alexus is getting resettled at home in Los Angeles after a weekend trip to Atlanta. “I went to visit my family; my mom and dad live in Atlanta,” she tells me over the phone. “We went to work out a little and went skating, and went to...

Emily Condle

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One Hot Mama
By Ashton Pike, Portrait by Mary Caroline Russell | July 30, 2018

“Even though I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, the South quickly stole my heart,” says Emily Condle, a 27-year-old transplant who was looking for “a fresh scene with new faces” when she traded her...

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Lumina Point Resort and Spa

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Out is the New In
By Michael M. Clements | July 30, 2018


Day three: Island time finally sets in. The torrid pace of life is no match for The Exumas. Here, Caribbean breezes and electric-blue waters mix with the gentle sound of waves lapping lazily against isolated beaches, grabbing my soul and...

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