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Vancouver Bound
Beth Weitzman and Elina Fuhrman | February 6, 2012

Vancouver, British Columbia, exudes a fresh energy that is addictive after just one visit. Little wonder why—aside from its robust cinematic scene (many Hollywood movies and TV shows are filmed in the waterfront city), this...

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Hitting a High Note
Emily L. Foley | February 6, 2012

With a penchant for outlandish costumes, an enviable set of pipes and a style that transcends genres, singer Cee Lo Green knows how to hold an audience captive. Some folks would say it’s his wardrobe, others would call it skill, and the...

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Hip Hops!
Austin L. Ray | February 6, 2012

As an international affairs and comparative religion double major at the University of Georgia, David Stein, now 28, took on a new hobby amid his studies. He’d always been interested in beer, having tried a few more styles than your average Natty Light-...

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Caffeine on Command
Kelly Skinner | February 6, 2012

Donning blue jeans, a plaid shirt and a messenger bag, Zechariah White tightens his grip on his handlebars before setting off at high speed. He pedals around traffic jams and past a blur of high-rises before flying fearlessly across intersections...

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The Darling Buds of MAE
Stephanie Davis Smith | February 6, 2012

When fashion designer Caroline Mae Heidenreich isn’t sitting at the drafting table in the sunlit front room of her 1930s whitewashed-brick bungalow in Buckhead, she’s pacing back and forth tinkering with racks of...

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Deep Cuts
Biba Adams | February 6, 2012

Remember this phrase: Super Market Knife Attack. No, it’s not the top story on the evening news, but SMKA is definitely making headlines. The Atlanta-based, full-service music production and marketing company has been responsible for the from-the-ground-up...

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Once Upon a Time
Bret Love | February 6, 2012

While other ballet companies were stuck in traditional ruts, legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp drew from jazz and contemporary pop music to create crossover classics that have resonated with mainstream audiences since the 1960s. Her 1973 production,...

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Last-Minute Romance
Genna Scheuerell | February 6, 2012

Still ironing out those Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t throw in the towel yet. Just because you’re late doesn’t mean you’ve passed up the chance for romance. Several Atlanta restaurants are still offering...

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Cat’s Meow
Jennie Kushner | January 27, 2012

Take puppy love literally this Valentine’s Day and fill your date book with a few fêtes benefiting your animal companion. Paws up!

What do cats, dogs and couture all have in common? Not much… until the three collide for the Atlanta Humane...

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Glasses Up!
Lindsay Durand and Jennie Kushner | January 23, 2012

Create your own pub crawl by adding a local brewery or beer event to your agenda. The city’s packed full of fellow beer lovers, so get out there and find them. Whether you’re the beer buff, or you’re looking to impress your...

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Art Shows Beat Winter Woes
Lydia Martin | January 16, 2012

Need that motivational nudge to get out of the house? (It’s so warm in there.) Go gallery crazy! Museums and galleries across the city can give you that intellectual stimulation you’ve been looking for—as well as...

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New Year, New You
Staff Writer | January 6, 2012

You know those new year’s fitness resolutions you promised to keep? Well, it’s time to own up to your obligations—but not begrudgingly; no way! Lucky for our abs and glutes, ...

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