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Native Band
Molly Dickinson | December 29, 2011

Sharing from-scratch muffins and coffee in the sunny upper room of Virginia-Highland’s otherwise bar-dark Atkins Park tavern, Atlanta-born-and-bred Homefront is exactly that—at home. “We’re the only band that plays here,” says...

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Creature Feature
Kelly Skinner | December 29, 2011

Artist Greg Mike literally cannot stop moving—or talking—for more than a few seconds. He’s an upbeat blur of color that moves Tasmanian devil-style through life. And it’s exactly this nonstop, winsome whirlwind of charisma...

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Princess of Prints
Dana Hazels Seith | December 29, 2011

It’s easy to see why Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ proprietors have a penchant for working with Jaipur rugs, often using the pieces in their Buckhead showroom displays. The luxury line of stylish floor toppers—with U.S....

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Culture TEN
Austin Holt | December 29, 2011

Take a gander at our first favorites for 2012.

Fab’rik has made a name for itself with the Atlanta shopping set. From its humble Midtown origins, the trendy boutique has caught on like wildfire, with more than a dozen...

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Spice Is Nice
Kate Abney | December 29, 2011

For Westsiders and Buckhead dwellers—even the bona fide in-towners of Midtown and Inman Park—Atlanta’s downtown proper can feel like a different city entirely: a foreign place populated by transient business types by day and rarely, if...

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Filet Goes Femme
Dennis Malcolm Byron | December 29, 2011

While billboards in major cities constantly battle to attract the split-second attention of pedestrians and drivers, there is one that currently reigns supreme. It features a woman from the waist down, donning a red lace miniskirt and...

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True Thailand
Elina Fuhrman | December 29, 2011

Some places surprise you others grow on you and still more enchant immediately. But few seduce like Thailand. Obsessed with its bargains, beaches and mesmerizing chaos—but also with the beauty of its dazzling temples, warm people, amazing cuisine...

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English Rose
Andrew Myers | December 29, 2011

Reader, Kate Beckinsale is living the undiscovered Jane Austen novel. Nevermind that the renowned novelist was born in the last quarter of the 18th century, hit her literary stride in the early 19th, and that her subject, Ms. Beckinsale, wasn’t born...

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Up to Eleven
Kate Abney | December 29, 2011

In town to perform at JEZ’s glitzy 2011 holiday party at the W Atlanta – Downtown, country music star Martina McBride gave us an exclusive audience for a career-pivotal chat—in between gigs at the GRAMMY Awards, no less. Last year, the...

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Ring-a-Ding in the New Year
Kelly Skinner | December 23, 2011

It’s the end of another fabulous year in Atlanta and what better way to commemorate than to celebrate? We’ve made it our mission to go big or go home on this year’s party circuit. If you share the same sentiment,...

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Pop-Up Perfection
Courtney Bowers | December 19, 2011

Instead of circling the lots at Lenox, try for something outside of your typical shopping repertoire. This year, scrounge up those final gifts by crashing a pop-up shop. Here are two temporary spots sure to appease the last few people on your list...

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Tough & Chic
Kate Abney | December 9, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has become an international sensation. The story of Lisbeth Salander—a computer hacker, private investigator, fighter, extreme introvert and all-around intriguing character—first emerged in a 2005 page-...

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