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4 Superfood Trends to Try Now

See ya, kale, quinoa and acai—you’re so 2017. Here are a few superfoods to watch for in 2018, and, of course, where to try the trends in ATL.  

dtox’s Black Magic organic juice contains activated charcoal, alkaline water, bentonite clay, lemon and maple syrup, and is perfect for an emergency toxin removal (or preventing hangovers).


1. Chaga Mushrooms
What they do: Believed to boost the immune system and antioxidant levels, this high-fiber mushie variety is the latest craze to make it into chocolates, coffees, broths and more.
Where to get them: Magic Mushroom superfood latte, Upbeet, @upbeet

2. Matcha
What it does: A mood-enhancing antioxidant powerhouse, this powder’s now trending as a caffeine additive to help boost metabolism and burn more cals—as well as aid with concentration for those hard-to-get-through Mondays.
Where to get it: Matcha tea latte, Inman Perk, @inmanperkatl

3. Turmeric
What it does: This popular detoxifying, anti-inflammatory spice (which gives curry and mustard its yellow-orange hue) is rumored to prevent the development of cancer.
Where to get it: Carrot turmeric tonic, True Food Kitchen, @true_food_kitchen

4. Activated Charcoal
What it does: Charcoal has the ability to stick to toxins, so when added to food, it cleanses your system and flushes any unwanted matter out of the body.
Where to get it: Black Magic organic juice, dtox, @dtoxjuice