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Mother-daughter duo Angela Marseille and Savannah Denham use their organizing skills to transform everyday spaces into #flawless surroundings.

Angela Marseille and Savannah Denham Methodical Muses


There’s nothing like the chaos of packing for a big move to make you realize the importance of being organized.

“Our business idea stemmed from our own personal experiences while moving homes and dealing with downsizing years of life’s collectibles. We wanted to share the satisfaction we received when we learned less is truly more,” says Angela Marseille, who, together with her daughter, Savannah Denham, recently launched local full-service home organization and staging company Methodical Muses. “I grew up watching my mother breathe her creativity into our home,” adds Denham, a University of Georgia grad. “I have always been fascinated with the details of spatial design.”

Through Methodical Muses, the two are able to share their passion for elevated, photo shoot-ready interiors that prioritize both aesthetic and function. “For us, the organization process comes very natural and is a canvas for our creativity. There’s nothing more rewarding than the before and after,” Marseille says. That creative vision is evident in their eye-catching, Instagram-worthy projects, from color-coordinated medicine cabinets to fridges stocked with a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies. But the duo admits that bookshelves and shoe shelves are their sweet spot. “We love styling and color-coding books; it’s basically a hobby of ours at this point,” Marseille says with a laugh. “As for the shoes—let’s just say our ultimate client would be Carrie Bradshaw.”

For the fashionable women, a strong sense of personal style and admiration for icons like Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld certainly influence every vignette they tackle. Says Marseille, “Whether it’s coveralls or couture, I love to put my personal spin on it. I treat our projects the same way.” $150 per hour, @methodicalmuses