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Singing Her Song

Colbie Caillat sounds off on her new album.

“I love Atlanta. I always look forward to coming here,” Caillat gushes.

California crooner Colbie Caillat has gone from Myspace fame to winning two Grammys (she’s up for another one this month!) and collaborating with superstars like Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw and Taylor Swift. Lucky for us, Caillat stopped by the JEZ office for a private showcase and shared some deets on her fifth studio album, collaborating with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and more. @colbiecaillat

What was it like working with Tedder on your new single, “Hold On”?
He’s brilliant. We came up with “Hold On” instantly. The way it sounds today is the way it sounded the day after we wrote it. He can produce songs so quickly. I’ve known him since I was 17—we were working with the same producer before we each got signed.

You’re no stranger to musical collaborations. Can we expect any off your spring album?
I’m trying to find the right person. I think it’s really fun to write with other artists and to come up with a new sound. The fact that I get to perform “Lucky” with Jason Mraz every single year and we get to travel around the world together singing that song is really cool. I’d like to do that with another person as well.

You write about love a lot. Let’s go old-school. What’s the story behind “Falling for You”?
I was dating this guy for a short period of time, and I was completely hung up on him. We had this moment on the dance floor where he grabbed my hand, and, as a girl, you think far ahead with it and picture your future. I wrote it with Rick Nowels [Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding]; he’s an amazing songwriter.