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The ATL Instagram You Should be Following Now

A former JEZEBEL most eligible (she’s off the market now!) just might be the city’s master of social media.


ATL’s own Megan Roth is no stranger to social media fame. From her personal Insta page that’s racked up a following of well over 2K to the blog she co-founded, dubbed Hungry Girls Do It Better, that’s nearing 50,000 food- and cocktail-crazed followers since her first login in 2014, the blond beauty knows her way around the ‘gram.

Now on to her third account, Roth’s newest Insta handle—Milk and Butter Social—extends a helping hand to local brands looking to amp up their social media game. “Milk and Butter Social is all about creating and establishing our clients’ brands on social media,” says the 24-year-old Atlanta transplant (she hails from Orlando, Fla.), who runs the modern online marketing biz with her lady gang: Katie Ambrose, Sophia Marchese, Christy Brown and Maureen O’Neil. “I feel like I have a strong grasp on the local market because of my work with Hungry Girls. The relationships I made through HGDIB gave me the opportunity and confidence to do what I am doing now. It also gave me credibility with my first clients because they trusted that I knew the industry and had the skills to create a strong social media presence.” 

With an aesthetic that’s tropical, trendy and totally on point, it wasn’t a tough decision for us to quickly click the follow button. But we did wonder where the name came from: “While most of my clients are restaurants and food-related companies, that’s actually not where the inspiration stems from,” she says. “Growing up, I was the pickiest eater! Ask anyone who knows me; my diet basically consisted of things with milk and a lot of butter.” @milkandbuttersocial; @meg_roth