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Marissa A. Ross, Molly McAleer, Michelle Nader & Blaire Bercoy. Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Hello, Gorgeous!

by Kimberly Davis Tarne | Angeleno magazine | May 18, 2012

Molly McAleer and her friends are decidedly low-key. “Most of us are stay-in girls,” says the 2 Broke Girls writer and co-founder of, a femme-centric entertainment site she launched with actress Zooey Deschanel and producer Sophia Rossi last year. “When we do go out, we go big—but we’re not necessarily glamorous.”

Daily routine aside, McAleer arrives for an indulgent evening at the Beverly Wilshire, the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Bev Hills, along with fellow HelloGiggles contributors Marissa A. Ross and Blaire Bercy, as well as her 2 Broke Girls co-writer Michelle Nader. Since teaming up with leading skincare brand Natura Bissé, the hotel has created “A Taste of Beauty,” a wellness experience that begins in the spa and continues with a private dinner for groups of up to eight. On this evening, McAleer and her posse bring along their whimsical personas to sample a taste of the glam life, indulging in a gastronomic package that starts at $1,500 a person.

First up was a divine 90-minute beauty ritual that includes a facial massage, body scrub and glycolic peel plus chakra infusions, a lavender mask and aromatherapy. Every aspect of the spa treatment stems from the Barcelona-based skincare’s line of products, including the ultra-luxe Diamond Collection. As expected, all emerge from their treatments fresh-faced, relaxed and utterly glowing.

“My favorite part was that I was able to fall asleep, which is very rare for me,” says McAleer, who spends her days (and most nights) in front of a computer. “My aesthetician woke me up, very gently, probably to rub Diamond Cream on my skin.”

Ross adds, “This is one of the most thorough spa experiences I’ve ever had—I felt like my entire face was taken care of. And my arms have real diamond dust on them!” After glancing at her friends, Bercy notes, “We’re all sparkling!”

After sprucing up for dinner, McAleer and Co. are whisked away to a private hotel suite that’s lined with candles and fresh flowers and attended by white-gloved waitstaff. Pinot in hand, the friends wonder how the spa experience will pair with the culinary journey created and curated by Beverly Wilshire’s Executive Chef Gilles Arzur for Natura Bissé. But once the seven-course dinner begins, their skepticism fades. The Synergy welcome drink—a liquid shot of citrus, lavender, sage and hibiscus served in a test tube over dry ice—sets the stage for a fantastical meal fusing colors, textures, tastes and aromas that mimick similar sensations experienced during their treatments. Over shock, awe and lots of laughter, the party of four digs into a Fizz salad of rhubarb and Pop Rocks, scallops over mint jelly and eucalyptus foam, a mint-infused vodka mist, risotto croquettes, a honey-lavender sorbet intermezzo, and smoked squab-each course with its own wine pairing. The Fizz salad is an immediate favorite. “The rhubarb is such a treat,” says McAleer. Ross gushes, “I never thought I’d incorporate Pop Rocks into my adult life!”

The fresh mint and vodka-based cocktail mist is also a big hit with the group, but the Diamond Grand Finale, a dazzling dessert prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Adam Thomas, steals the show. “Incredible,” “life-changing” and “gorgeous” were some of the adjectives thrown around to describe the shimmering white chocolate sphere, complete with a sugar diamond knob and filled with coconut lime cake, limonciello croutons, yuzu foam and strawberry sorbet. The dessert brings the spa treatments to mind and the group all admire their forearms glistening in the candlelight. “I think I got more diamonds,” boasts Bercy. “It looks like I’ve been sprayed by the heavens.”

Sure, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but if tonight is any indication, an evening of lavish pampering and exquisite dining with good company is truly precious.