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Red carpet entrance to The Beverly Hills Hotel


3 Questions for Alexandra Champalimaud

By Nadine Jolie Courtney

Photo Courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel


L.A.’s iconic The Beverly Hills Hotel is in the process of renovating two more storied Bungalows—favorites of Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes—with designer Alexandra Champalimaud. Here, she offers a sneak peek of the in-progress transformation.

What was your vision for the renovation?
The Bungalow interiors, chic and luxurious, were created to evoke a Golden Age Californian sensibility; every detail is meant to arouse a sense of old Hollywood glamour. For Marilyn Monroe, we approached the design with youthful flair. The interiors are uberfeminine with a palette of greens and pinks, and touches of desert tones; very Southern California. The Howard Hughes Bungalow—which has the darkest color palette of all the Bungalows—is extremely masculine and bold. [It is] mysterious and moody, abundant with art deco and midcentury references.

You’ve worked with The Beverly Hills Hotel before on previous Bungalows for Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor. How does it feel working with such icons?
We’ve been honored to work with The Dorchester Collection on several hotel projects now. Their hotels are imbued with their own unique history, and we always strive to enhance that heritage by honoring what exists. For each celebrity and their respective Bungalow, we carefully consider their personality, legacy and their own homes—all of these elements impact the design decisions.

How does this hotel differ from other classic L.A. properties?
The Beverly Hills Hotel is synonymous with Hollywood glamour. For over a century, the ‘Pink Palace’ has charmed guests and celebrities alike. When one stays here, they feel the importance of the grounds, the property and its story, built upon a roster of famed guests with exciting lives and legacies.